Welcome to kosweb.com

A warm welcome to Kosweb.com. Here you will find information about all our sub domains, the few rules we have, why we are here, our promises and the low prices and valuable advice we can offer to you and other guests.

We wish you fun with this portal website, just one of the examples we have for you!

Which sites are on Kosweb.com?

In random order:

Kos Property Management

A trusted way to make, maintain, rent out or buy your house on Kos. This website is a must to at least orient yourself when planning your (holiday) life on Kos or Greece in general. Check it out on www.kpm.com.gr.

Busstop Gallery

An absolute unique combination of gallery and artist. Please have a look at busstopgallery.kosweb.com

Hotel Fenareti

For many years now Hotel Fenareti in Mastihari village (Kos, Greece) is booked by many different nationalities. All because it's clean and simple concept. Close to everything in the village against an affordable price! Take a tour through our hotel and village at fenareti.kosweb.com

Atsas brothers

Building materials and real estate development. Houses and apartments for sale in Kos and Kalymnos. From bricks and cement till complete build houses! Please check it out on atsas.kosweb.com!

Petrino restaurant

As many say the best restaurant on Kos, be your own judge and don't forget to taste one or more of their 120 different wines. You can find all you need to know at petrino.kosweb.com

Villa Kalami

A magnificent villa in combination with office and guest house. An architectural masterpiece and for sale! For more information have a look at kalami.kosweb.com

What is made and managed by Kosweb.com?

In random order:

Tam Tam Beach Restaurant

The spot, the music, the restaurant and the beach make for a perfect combination. Have a relaxing time at www.tamtam.gr.

Manos Rent a Car

Since 1987 Manos Rent a Car has been known as the most reliable and service driven car rental shop in Kardamena. Get yourself off the beaten track at www.manoscars.com.

Theokritos Travel and Villa Athena

Your first port of call to discover everything you need to know about Kos and the surrounding Dodecanese Islands. Get the most out of your holidays with www.theokritostravel.gr.

Volaka Jewelleries

The place to buy your valuable jewellery and timepieces. Timeless design and top quality. Have a look at gold, silver and diamonds at www.volaka.com.


Surf * Sail * Kite at Matihari Beach. Have a sports-look at: www.water-proof.de